Precious Metals

Precious Metals

Precious metals and industrial metals are still widely used around the world. Due to their rarity and the high demands for its uses, metals are relatively high in its value.

The price movements of the precious metals can be reflected by the performance of the global economy.

The Benefits of Trading Metals


Precious metals are a financial instrument that is widely used to diversify the portfolios and to hedge against economic downturns or inflations.

Gold has an intrinsic value that is hardly affected by the devaluation of the economy, hence it is usually known as the ‘safe haven’. When there is an economic recession or political tension, there is a tendency to go long on gold.

Trading Metals with Trading Forex

We offer gold so you can trade.

Instruments Name Min. Ticket Size Max. Ticket Size Trading Steps (Lots) Contract Size Currency
XAUUSD Gold vs US Dollar 0.01 50 0.01 100 USD

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